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What is this Awakening?

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There’s a lot of talk in 2020-21 about the Awakening. The Global Awakening.

I remember from my “old days” of spiritual new age thinking, when Awakening was reserved only for those who were “waking up” to the spiritual universe that exists within us all. That awakening was reserved for those who spent countless hours and energy in meditation or shamanic practices, fine tuning their skills of accessing other planes and dimensions within.

The likes of Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra to name just a few of the “stars” of the new age spiritual movement. Supposedly wide awake souls whom we all aspired to be like. Peaceful, wise, centred, calm and self-assured in their being. They were the good old days.

But always lurking under the surface with many new agers, was also the awareness of the broken world we live in. Corruption in government, lies in the medical system, distorted educational systems and a greedy, unbalanced financial system. I could go on and on. The new age movement however, did not allow the space or the platform to speak on these negative aspects of humanity.

New ageism was about achieving a high vibration, positive thinking, manifestation of your dreams and countless other high minded states of being. You were not welcome if you started expressing your anger and frustration at a broken system. You were told you were being negative, feeding the darkness whilst the intention was to go to the light.

So those new agers who were aware of the broken world, broken cultures and corrupt systems, had to keep that within or mix with non spiritual people who were at least aware of, and fighting for justices and transparency in this world.

This created a large chasm between the spiritual community and 3D world issues. The spiritual stars never mentioned corrupt politics, money, sexual abuse or mind control. To do so, would probably have spelt their expulsion from their publishing houses or TV appearances.

Then along came 2020 with the Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions in Capricorn. It was a lovely year, one that will go down in history as a most profound year in humanities history. Pluto stripped away and deconstructed the Capricornian/Saturnian structures. It was time for a total morphing of the old into the new. Exposure of all the dark secrets that lay hidden in plain sight.

Something magical then happened on a global scale. Something no one could have predicted, and something we have never experienced in our known history.

Suddenly, millions upon millions of people started to “wake up”. Wake up to what?

It was a combination of new awarenesses being birthed onto the earth plane. All of a sudden, the anti-vaxxers, the financial truthers, 911 truthers, the alien disclosure truthers, the “his”tory truthers and countless other groups of truth seeking peoples, all joined together under one banner, one movement. Millions more joined them as the Corona virus plandemic scam became obvious to those with the eyes to see.

Government corruption was in our face. Medical tyranny was in our face. Media lies and deception was out in the open to see. Hundreds of millions of people started joining the dots and seeing the crooked financial system was connected to big pharma vaccines, and every other so called fringe idea or group was amazingly connected to all the other groups. The many enemies of mankind morphed into the one enemy.

Lots of spiritually or self-aware people were involved in this “3D” awakening as well. Many but by no means all. The famous rich ones with big book deals kept silent. It was the man on the street that started gaining the audiences the mainstream media could only dream of. Millions of views on their Youtube videos, outstripping the most famous people in the world with their popularity and audiences.

Then another morph happened. All the so called non-spiritual peoples started to become aware that in order to overcome the darkness outside in the world, they had to work on their own darkness within. Their negative feelings, reactions and actions. Their fears, blocks and limitations were suddenly being exposed via a huge alternative media movement that took the globe by storm.

The merging of the spiritual and non-spiritual movements exposed the non aware peoples to the work of self examination. Know Thyself became a common catchcry. And then came Q. Well, Q was already birthed in 2017, but it’s message of unity, research and think for yourself quickly spread into the entire alternative media mix.

All of this has now resulted in a global Awakening, not only a spiritual awakening, but also an awakening to the darkness that has mentally and emotionally conditioned and confused us all. Many spiritualists still don’t see it. Many healers and astrologers are still blind to the darkness that surrounds and permeates their everyday lives. It is difficult to accept you’ve been conned, lied to and tricked your entire life. But, it’s a necessary process to go through. It humbles us all.

So, this Awakening is truly a global Aquarian/Uranian awakening. The Saturnian systems were exposed and are in the process of being deconstructed over the coming few years. Aquarian energy is an upgrade from Capricorn conformity, solidity and rules. Aquarian energy liberates from restrictive limitations. Rebellion is it’s message. Ideas and beliefs working through groups of people. This is what’s happening today and 2021 promises lots and lots of Aquarian energy, with most planets spending time in Aquarius or aspecting Uranus.

Good times ahead friends. Hold onto your seats, because Uranus is all about shocking surprises. Those old structures need some lightning bolts to break them apart and topple their towers. Both in the 3D world and within each and every one of us.

To use the term “we’re in this together” is an understatement. As usual, the dark side always steals our sayings. So I’ll just end this with #WWG1WGA #TrustThePlan … there is one.