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Welcome to AEA

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Welcome to the first article on Australia Evolutionary Astrology’s website.

Evolutionary Astrology is a niche aspect of Astrology, focussing on the idea that your Natal Birth Chart placement of Pluto and the Moon’s Nodes, will indicate what your Soul’s evolutionary purpose is for this life.

The placement of Pluto and Nodes also indicates what you “came” in with, from prior lives, and how to go about actualising your Souls purpose this time round.

I’m a student in Evolutionary Astrology, still studying the mechanics of “how it all works” when synthesising the various placements of Pluto by House and Sign.

As time goes by, I will share my new insights, understandings and intuitive experiences as I proceed to analyse not only my own chart, but also those of friends and relatives.

I hope you subscribe to my blog or participate by leaving comments below.