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Solstice Conjunction 2020

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Summer Solstice Australia

I can hear most of you sighing a big relief that 2020 is almost over. And the Solar System and Zodiac isn’t letting us down, by finishing this year with a once in a lifetime conjunction between the two biggest players in our sphere of influence.

Saturn and Jupiter, the great conjunction in the 1st degree of Aquarius, pretty much smack bang on the Summer Solstice here in Australia.

But this isn’t the only conjunction happening in the latter days of December 2020. Here’s a list of the most common known planets and asteroids joining up for the festive season:

  • Saturn, Jupiter in Aquarius & Pluto in Capricorn
  • Sun & Mercury in Capricorn
  • Moon & Chiron in Aries
  • Mars & Eris in Aries
  • Black Moon Lillith & Uranus in Taurus
  • and … Neptune squaring the Moons Nodes (past & future)

Then we have the Aspects these planets are making to each other:

  • Chiron squaring Mercury & Sun
  • Mars & Eris squaring Pluto
  • Sun & Mercury trine Uranus
  • Uranus quincunx Venus
  • Chiron trine Venus

So much information, I’ll just stick with the initial Saturn/Jupiter conjunction for this article, as this is the main focus … in combination with Uranus.

Note, the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction happens in the first degree of Aquarius, thus the ruler is Uranus in Taurus, influencing and energising this conjunction.

Aquarius, amongst other things, is the individuator of the Saturnian/Capricornian energy. Aquarius is about breaking free from past limitations of conformity and limiting structures. Standing on the outside, using objectivity to peer into the rights and wrongs of conformist culture. Looking at the structures of the past with the intention of upgrading them to suit the individual instead of the masses.

Saturn in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is under pressure now to free up it’s limiting belief systems, it’s rigid structures of governance and obedience. All of 2020 has been about the “system” exposing (Pluto) it’s true desires. It’s desire to control and rule the earth.

Jupiter is now out shining Saturn in Aquarius. Overshadowing Saturn with the desire for meaning and truth. Natural Law as opposed to man made law. Expansion of truth being energised by Uranus over in Taurus.

Uranus in Taurus, conjunct Black Moon Lillith, is peeling away all that is not true, all that is false and misleading, and sending this energy, via a trine to the Sun and Mercury, our minds. Taurus is Venus territory, our inner value system, our bodies (free choice) and our ability to survive on this planet as humans.

All these energies are pointing to an about turn from the 2020 Capricorn energy of control. Bringing in a breath of fresh air in the form of Natural law, insightful visions, the opportunity to envision a New Earth, a new way of living, governed by the individual as opposed to the system. Self governance, self responsibility and a transition into a world based on what is naturally beneficial for all species concerned.

I’ve run out of time today to continue, but I’ll update in more detail in the next post.