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Moon Phases

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soul dragon

I’ve been reading a lot of Dane Rudhyars books about the phases of the Moon and how they actually play out.

It’s a lot more involved than I thought. And, a lot more important than I thought.

Dane’s books are fairly hard to read. You need to get used to his language, how he writes and how he conveys his meanings, as they’re written in the early 20th century. Much like Rudolph Steiner’s writings, it takes a while to get used to his style.

However, I find information from the early 20th century to be a lot more accurate. Reason being, it’s before the American Revolution of post WWII, where the good ole USA basically set the “conditioning” we are all subject to up till today. Writings back then were not done for profit or research funds or to appease a select few individuals or corporations. They were direct experiences by very intelligent men and women, devoid of prejudice and “political correctness”.

Anyone who has read the writings of Rudolph Steiner will know this well. So I’ve been reading Danes books, which talk about Astrology before the modern Western philosophies of corporate greed and corruption became the norm.

Dane talks about a cycle that affects us all. Basically 28-29 day cycles of the Moon, from a New Moon, half way round to a Full Moon, then back to the next New Moon.

Just days before a New Moon, we will have something on our mind. It’ll be nagging at us, continually popping up in our thoughts. The best thing to do at this time is to just be aware we’re entering a new cycle and let these thoughts arise. They may be old thoughts that you thought you’d already dealt with, or they may be something entirely new to you. Just let them arise and be aware of how they make you feel. Good, uncomfortable, edgy, nervous, depressed etc.

Upon the New Moon and during the First Quarter, these thoughts will be purely instinctual. You won’t really understand them, and now is not the time to try. Just let them be, express them if you can, or just allow them to arise and lightly ponder them with an interest of a child. No deep understanding there as yet.

During this New Moon to First Quarter Square (90 degrees), don’t panic or condemn yourself. Be aware you are beginning a process (Aries) of getting a new insight or a new understanding into yourself. It will come if you stay positive and allow things to arise. Feel free to express your feelings or thoughts, but take a keen note of how the outside world reacts to your expression. These will be raw feelings, so anticipate you may get negative feedback from the world (those close to you, workmates, partners, family etc).

During this time, if you’ve managed to express yourself, you may then have to pull back and re-evaluate how you are going to “be” these new thoughts and feelings … or how you’re going to integrate these feelings into your life and the outside world.

Once the Moon passes the First Quarter and is heading to the Full Moon, you will start to gain deeper insights into what you are feeling and experiencing. You will need to have some introspection to re-evaluate how you will now re-express yourself after a time of pondering. This is called the “Crisis in Action” phase, as we head towards the Full Moon. How the hell do I be or do what I want to?

Heading towards the Full Moon is called the Gibbous Phase. It’s a time to perfect and fine tune your new thoughts or feelings. This requires some inner processes. Objectivity is a great tool at this time, to really see “who” you are from anothers perspective. The best advice at this time is to take it “one step at a time”. Don’t rush to take your new feelings or expressions out into the world of relationships. Just stay cool, in anticipation of further insights.

Now we get to the Full Moon. This is a time of full illumination from the Spirit Sun. If you’ve managed to stay positive within yourself, and self aware that you’re going through a growth process, then the illumination or awakening should occur naturally. You’ll have a new understanding of what you’ve been trying to express or be over the last 2 weeks. Some people like to call it a “download”.

Once you have a new insight into your behaviour, desires, thoughts and feelings, then the next step after the Full Moon is to start trying to integrate that into your relationships and life. Again, this is a testing phase to see how others react to your expression. Don’t be fearful … just go with the flow.

The final quarter Moon, as it’s heading back to the Full Moon is now the time you will definitely get a new revolutionary (Aquarius) way of expressing your self awareness. You’ll be wanting to express yourself and you should, by now, have some new insights into yourself that will allow this to happen.

Getting closer to the New Moon now, and you’ll be best to just “let go and let god” and just let your new expression flow freely. You will then also start feeling a “new” feeling or new thought that may start building upon the previous cycle, or it may be an entirely new cycle all together.

This all sounds so simple and clear cut. It isn’t. But, I have found, by being aware of the Moon’s cycles and my thoughts and feelings, there is an awareness of having a bit more control than usual over my rambling mind and emotions. There comes in a feeling of Purpose and Intention, instead of everything being random and chaotic. You may start actually feeling more connected to the universal bodies instead of floating aimlessly through your life without any direction or purpose.

Good luck with it, it’s a fun journey, and who afterall doesn’t like connecting with the Moon.

In Evolutionary Astrology, the Moon represents who you are on a minute-to-minute basis. It’s the light of your ego, your personality, your individuality as a human being. Embrace it, connect with it and feel the power of the Moon’s cycles in your life.