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Individuating Uranus

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tribal astrology

Here we find ourselves in the most amazing times of our lives. 2020 has been a mind blowing experience for many of us, and for those of you who have been waiting … you know what I mean when I say “this is what we’ve been waiting for”.

The sudden clarity on “where you’re at” has never been more evident than this year. The events so far have clarified for many, as to where their friends are at, and where their chosen cultural societies are at. In these times, those who have been waiting for it, must be gentle, soft and forgiving to those who don’t know what the fuck is going on.

For many of us, we’ve been preparing for 2020 since our first rebellious tendencies surfaced when we were teenagers. That’s when we had the inklings that something big was wrong. Very wrong. We were told by our societies that our teenage rebelliousness was “just a phase”, a natural phase that we all go through. But we were very aware everyone did not feel how we felt. Our teenage friends and aquaintances were not feeling what we were feeling at all. We felt different. Alienated. So we tried to fit back into society because there didn’t really seem any other choice if we wanted to survive.

We tried art, music and other forms of creativity to express our alienation. We opted out of society if we could, going bush or living alternatively on the fringes of society. But always having to get a job and conform so we could eat and clothe ourselves and families.

It’s been a hard ride of balancing conformity with individuality. Treacherous sometimes. Lonely. Isolating. Painful and sometimes even downright dangerous to our safety and the safety of those we love. “Why the fuck can’t I just accept things like everyone else does?” was a constant inner voice. But we knew why deep down. We knew what was broken. We knew when we heard lies, deception, mis-truths and political “correctness”. And we despised it deep down within us to our core, our Soul.

I gave a wee talk a few weeks back to a small group of friends. It was about the 4 stages of the evolution of our Souls. 2020 is the perfect environment now to check within yourself as to where you’re at in this lifetime. There is no judgement. There is no higher or lower. There is no more awake or more asleep. There is simply evolution on a scale that our egoic minds cannot really comprehend.

So the levels as postulated by the likes of Rudolph Steiner, Dane Rudhyar and Jeffrey Green are as follows:

Consensus (Saturn/Capricorn) – 75% of the population believe what they’re told. They learn from their teachers. They obey authority and especially those who call themselves “experts”. They accept State sponsored religion. They believe in science because it is supposed to be based on facts. This 80% are learning how to survive in a community and culture with other humans. It’s like going to school for the first time, you need to first learn the ropes … learn how the system and culture works that you’re born into. Play the game that everyone else is playing because you know no better.

Individualised (Uranus/Aquarius) – 20% of the population are learning to make their own decisions, do their own thinking and come up with their own conclusions on what is truth and what is not. These people start by exploring other cultures, other religions, other than the one they’re born into. They break out of the normal consensus and can see the blinders on all those around them. They have a strong distaste for anyone who calls themself an “expert” or “authority”. It’s a natural reaction for them. These peoples realise that all the experts and authority all come from the same consensus mold, from the poorest to the richest. They realise the logic and reasoning taught by the “system/consensus” is a regurgitating mess of deceit and contradictions.

Spirtualised (Neptune/Pisces) – 5% of the population are going beyond looking for a god without and instead start the process of connecting first with their own immortal aspect of themselves, their Soul, and then with the creator of their Soul. They have realised already the nonsense of the “system” with it’s rules, experts and dogma. They don’t need rules or experts anymore because they use their intuition, their gut feelings, their “bigger picture” view of the world and their ongoing connection to the greater cosmos. These are those that are in the world, but not of the world. They understand corruption, greed and perversity for what it is … a lower nature of mankind in the process of evolution.

A classic example is today’s situation where no more than two people can be together. But … it’s perfectly safe and government sanctioned to go to the supermarket with 300 other people. Perfectly legal place to have your wedding or funeral and invite ALL your friends. But the consensus don’t question these contradictions, they just accept them without question. The Individuated however, ask “Why?” “Why?” “Why?”. The Spiritualised know why.