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2020 Capricorn energy

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2020 capricorn energy

Remember back to the beginning of 2020. In Australia we started the year with bushfires raging up and down the East Coast. The biggest firestorms we’ve seen for many many years. Some say ever.

The intensity of the fires and the unusual behaviour, created and fed many conspiracy theories as to the origin and meaning of these fires. I personally had the fires on my doorstep … well 20 km away was the closest. Our family home was subject to falling embers, thick smoke for weeks on end and falling ash and leaves.

But as we know, this was only the beginning of 2020. Saturn conjoined Pluto in Capricorn to kick off the global covid season. And Astrologers everywhere were excited, as we’d been predicting some very strange events for several years before this.

Pluto had been slowly working it’s way through Capricorn, doing what Pluto does best. Deconstructing and digging into the deep dark shadows of the Capricornian systems. Governments, social structures, business structures and how we all relate to them.

Then Saturn caught up with Pluto in January 2020 and really blew the lid off what we thought we knew about the intentions and agendas of our ruling classes.

Pluto always has a way of revealing the true intentions of any structure or institution. Doesn’t matter if those agendas are good or bad, Pluto will reveal their true nature for those with the “eyes to see”. Pluto/Scorpio energy is sometimes very difficult to comprehend and assimilate into your being, because it can be very disharmonious and earth shattering at times.

Pluto loves to tear your old belief structures down, with no mercy (remember the tact of your Scorpio friend). Some good old Virgo humble pie is often required to accept what Pluto reveals.

So back to Saturn. When those two joined up in early January, it set off a course of events no-one on this planet was expecting. Except of course those who were planning this many years prior. This was no accident.

Governments and Institutions came out in force with their wet-dream agenda’s. Agendas that only the most totalitarian of all world Governments could have ever hoped for. Full control over the movements, activities, work schedules and health advice of all peoples far and wide.

The full lock-step syncronisation of all governments in response to a corona virus that was no more surprising or infectious than all the previous corona viruses we’d had in the past. SARS, SARSII, Swine, Aviane to name a few. All hyped up in the past, but nothing compared to the hype and lock-step reaction by governments to covid.

It was almost like they already had a plan. Every government, every media outlet, every government sponsored/funded medical institution all told the same story. Horror stories in fact. Stories to terrify the populace. The news streams all repeated the same slogans, the same fears and the same false predictions.

Pluto conjoined Saturn was revealing it all. Nothing was left uncovered. No agenda remained hidden. All the desires and intentions of government and institutions was laid out on the table. Lockdowns. Restrictions. Business closures and fines. All governments got very excited about threatening us with fines if we didn’t comply.

So that set the stage for the rest of 2020. Tyrannical suppression of citizens world wide. No facts to back them up. No quotes from medical science. Just slogans and dire computer predictions were enough to placate the consensus population into obedience. It was sad to watch.

But, then along came Jupiter, and that’s for another blog.