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Evolutionary Astrology

Your preparation

There are 2 steps below – your questions and a brief background of your life so far. You need to email both to me at least 24 hours before your reading.

Step 1 - Your Questions:

Everyone has questions. I would like you to think about what aspects of your past, present or future you would like more understanding in. 

It may be around fears, shortcomings, limitations you have or questions about areas in your life where you feel blocked.

So, if you can formulate a couple of questions, that’ll give us a focal point to start with.

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Step 2 - Your History:

By giving me an idea of the major moments in your life, we will save time during the actual reading.

  • Family you were born into – parents, siblings etc 
  • Religious upbringing, current belief systems
  • Specific traumatic events or moments
  • Your relationships, work, friendships

Be brief, just to give me an idea as to where you’re at and what dynamics have operated in your life. It’ll save time and let you get more out of your reading.