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Pluto & Nodes #2

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Evolutionary Astrology

This example from the School of Evolutionary Astrology’s First Module Course, is an attempt to discover the Evolutionary Bottom Line with regards to the natal position of Pluto and the North and South Nodes and their rulers.

This particular person’s details are:

  • White American Male
  • 3rd Stage Consensus
  • Has a large sum of money – wealth
  • Pluto in Virgo in the 4th House
  • South Node in Scorpio in 6th House
  • North Node in Taurus in 12th House
  • Ruler of North Node – Venus – in 9th House of Aquarius
  • Ruler of South Node – Pluto – in 4th House of Virgo

Starting with Pluto in the 4th House, this implies the bottom line is originating from his Home environment, perhaps family dynamics, the place where he feels secure. His Soul has been working in prior lifetimes on perceived limitations (Pluto) within his Home, early childhood environment.

The South Node shows us how this has been played out in prior lives. This will show where he feels secure and it’s familiar territory for him. The Sth Node in the 6th House (Virgo) ruled by Scorpio and the planetry ruler being Pluto, back in the 4th House. The client discussed coming into money (Scorpio, other peoples money), so we can see via Virgo a potential inheritance and where did that inheritance come from … 4th House … Family. So, he’s come into money via his family. It could be easy for him to just fall back on what his family has always done with their money. No change, no challenges and no threats to his financial security.

However, his Pluto Polarity Point speaks otherwise. Being in the 10th House, ruled by Pisces, this speaks about creating a work or social function that is going to be useful to others, the outside world, not particularly to benefit him, but others in a very large sense. Perhaps he has dreams (Pisces) of doing some large charitable or entrepreneurial activity, but this would make him feel insecure as it’s a new venture and unfamiliar territory.

So we have a look at his Souls evolutionary intention via the North Node. Where does it want to take him? North Node being in the 12th House of spirituality, religion (consensus state). Checking the ruler Venus, in the 9th House ruled by Aquarius, would indicate that he needs to transform his belief systems, his philosophies that make him feel secure, and that he Values (Venus), which would then determine the type of activity he may then pursue via the 10th House (PPP).

Perhaps this guy, as come into family wealth, but being 3rd stage consensus really wants to make a splash in the world. He’s learned how the system works and can now use it to his advantage. He may have dreams (Pisces) and desires to create a religious or charitable organisation that benefits people (10th House & 12th House NN), and he’ll do that by transforming the way he already thinks about himself, his role in society and his role in his family life.

Without any more details, that’s about as explanatory as I can get at this stage.