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Pluto & Nodes #1

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Evolutionary Astrology

This is a first chart interpretation based on the School of Evolutionary Astrology’s Module 1 course. The idea is to do a basic chart interpretation of Pluto, the Polarity Point and the North and South Nodes and their rulers.

The client details are:

  • American white woman
  • No religious affiliations
  • Individuated state
  • Pluto in Leo in 11th House
  • PPP 5th House Aquarius
  • Sth Node in 7th House Aries
  • Sth Node ruler Mars in 8th House Taurus
  • Nth Node in 1st House Libra
  • Nth Node ruler Venus in 12th House Virgo

This woman’s soul has been, in prior lives, working on transforming all existing limitations (11th House) by expressing herself in her own individual way (Leo) in social or organisational groups of like minded people.

The PPP in 5th House ruled by Aquarius, would indicate in this life, that more objectivity is required (Aquarius), in her ability to be able to express her own creative impulses.

Why? Look to the South Node and it’s ruler. South Node in 7th House Aries would indicate she has been relating to others in a very self-focussed way. Pushing her own agenda without the required objectivity of taking others into account. The ruler of her Sth Node is Mars in the 8th House Taurus. Mars/Taurus could indicate she has been using her sexual energy (Mars/Taurus) as a form of power (8th House) over others, or in her attempts to get her own way.

Her Souls intention in this life, via the PPP is to actualise the North Node in 1st House, ruled by Libra. So take the ruler of the North Node, being Venus in Virgo in the 12th.

Overlay the 1st House with the 12th House. Looking for a cosmological or philosophical meaning behind her attempts at defining herself. Being in the individuated state would imply she isn’t too happy listening to other peoples opinions, but instead has to ask her own questions and answer her own questions in regards to defining who she is. By comparing (Libra_) herself with others and using discrimination and self-critical analysis (Virgo), she can re-evaluate her values (Venus) and meaning of life, perhaps focusing on a more spiritual (12th house) perspective instead of self centred approach.

Mars is in a full Phase with Pluto, so she has to take other peoples ideas or confrontations into account before she can actualise her Nth node. Venus in 1st quarter Trine with Mars indicates there is no resistance to her expressing her new Values (Venus) in regards to the use of her sexuality in relation to others out in the world. But she must adapt this sexual power according to how others are willing to accept it.