Evolutionary Astrology

Are you looking for answers?

Are you confused about the world, your life, where this is all going?

Asking questions like:  “What is my Purpose in life?

The answers to these questions lay hidden in your Natal Birth Chart. Using Evolutionary Astrology  you can discover the meaning and purpose of your current life, and how to actualise your greatest potentials.

In other words, get out of your rut and stop repeating the same old destructive patterns.

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Yes, sh*t happens . . .

Did you know, the events that are playing out in your current life, are believed to be a continuation of many, many prior lives, in which your Soul has been evolving, with the intention of finally mastering life as a human.

Evolutionary Astrology uses different symbols to figure out your Souls intention in this life, and it’s activities in prior lives.

If you want to know where you came from, why you’re here and where you’re going, then book an Evolutionary Astrology reading.

Online or face-to-face

Readings are conducted either face to face in Lakes Entrance, or online via Zoom video meetings. Recordings are provided.

Readings are also done in Lakes Entrance at Purpose in the Hub:

10 Myer Street, Lakes Entrance
T: 03 5155 4689

EA Readings

Prior to the Reading, you will have formulated a couple of specific questions, and supplied your birth data.

The Reading can give you answers to questions about your Soul’s deep purposes and intentions.

Why the trauma, why the suffering, why the depression and where am I headed?

You can focus on the positives or delve deep into your negatives. It’s up to you!

Bring out the Warrior in You!

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